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Ideas for Essay Topics E-book

This e-book contains:

High Score Ideas: This e-book has excellent ideas for over 150 common essay topics to boost your essay score. Ideas count for 25% of your marks in Writing Task 2.

Vocabulary & Collocations: Vocabulary exercises to help you learn a wide range of high band score words for each topic; vocabulary, synonyms, collocations, phrasal verbs etc.

This e-book has three volumes and 160 pages in total (downloadable pdf files).

  • Volume I Topics A-E
  • Volume II Topics F-R
  • Volume III Topics S-W

Important Note:

1) The e-book is downloaded as four pdf files, including the Workbook. --------------- 2) The e-book is suitable for both Academic IELTS and General Training IELTS. ------------ 3) This e-book will help you develop your English before and after IELTS.----------- 4) There are over 300 pages. ------------ 5) You should download this e-book immediately after purchase and save it on to your laptop. --------- 6) This e-book is copyright protected. It is illegal to share this e-book in public. ----------------- 7) I have a no refund policy----------- 8) If you are from Iran, Iraq, Syria, North Korea, Ukraine, and Cuba, you will need to use VPN to access all e-books and lessons.

Payment & Access Afterwards:

1) If you are having problems with your card being accepted, check with your bank it is suitable for international payments. If it continues to be a problem, try using Paypal or ask a friend to make the payment for you. ------------- 2) Can't find your purchase? Firstly, check the payment was successful by checking directly with your bank. Do not rely on messages pinged to your phone by your bank which are usually sent too soon. Secondly, if your bank statement shows the money left your account and wasn't returned, check that you used the right email address spelled correctly. Thirdly, check both your inbox and spam folder. If that is all correct and you can't find your email access link, email me (address given below) -------------- 3) You will be redirected automatically to an access page if your payment was immediately successful. ---------------- 4) You will also receive an email after the payment is completely processed with a receipt and access link, which you use to open your video or e-book. ----------------- 5) The email with the access link usually arrives within about 5 mins. ---------------- 6) On rare occasions the payment can take time to process, particularly when using paypal. In such a case, the email can take up to about 12 hours to arrive. ------------------- 7) Always check your spam folder in case the email goes in there. ----------- 8) You will get an email receipt. Sorry I do not offer an invoice. ------------ 9) For problems, email: [email protected]

6 PDF and 1 DOCX
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